Studio Guidelines

Tuition Policies

  • Annual TUITION is due September 1, 2018 in one lump sum, unless monthly payments have been arranged.
  • ASB’s monthly tuition agreement is for the entire dance year, billed in 9 monthly payments
  • Monthly payments are due on or before the 1st of each month beginning September 1.  Any monthly payment made after the 1st of the month will be considered late and a $15 late fee will be applied unless other arrangements have been made. 

Student Conduct

  • Dancers are expected to arrive to and leave from the school with their dancewear properly covered.
  • It is a good idea to discreetly label dancewear and shoes with your dancer's name.
  • Students are expected to maintain clean and tidy dressing room and waiting spaces. 
  • Only water is allowed in the studios.
  • ASB students are expected to put forth their best possible physical and intellectual effort and attention. 
  • In addition to following the DRESS REQUIREMENTS for their level, dancers must have their hair done appropriately for ballet class. This is part of the ballet discipline and aesthetic, and should be started at an early age. See below.
  • Running and loud, disruptive behavior are strictly prohibited at ASB and the Liberty Theatre facilities. Dancers are expected to enter the building and behave in a calm, cool, and collected, professional manner. 


  • Dancers are expected to attend all of their scheduled classes. Keep in mind your commitment to personal development and improvement. 
  • There will be no refunds for missed classes but make-up classes can be arranged. 
  • Students or their parents are expected to email or text Maggie to report absences.  
  • Students who are injured should attend their regular classes and rehearsals to observe and take notes.

Dress Requirements and Classroom Appearance

  • Each level has a specific dress code with a different leotard color, tight, and shoe requirements. Refer to the DRESS REQUIREMENTS list for your dancer's level and follow it precisely.
  • No underwear. Tights are your underwear for dance.
  • Appropriate dress and hairstyle are important parts of the ballet aesthetic and discipline and are intended to inspire unity among classmates. Students may not be allowed to participate in class if they are not properly prepared.
  • Mid-length to long hair needs to be pulled back in a neat and secure bun. Use hairpins and a hair net to keep things in place. Short hair must be neatly pulled away from the face. No hair ornaments please, although crocheted bun covers matching the leotard color are acceptable.
  • Boys' hair should be combed neatly. Long hair should be secured away from the face.
  • No bulky or large jewelry.
  • Visible body art and temporary tattoos are not acceptable in ballet class.

Bench Days

  • Parents are not allowed to observe their children during regular class periods unless they have made an appointment to do so under special circumstances.
  • What we call "Bench Days" are an opportunity for family and friends to observe dancers inside the studio. Bench Days take place twice each year. Dates are listed on the IMPORTANT DATES page.
  • Please plan to stay for the entire class period. It is distracting for the dancers to have guests coming and going.
  • Please observe without talking, and with all cell phones turned to silent.
  • Please do not bring children under 3 unless they are capable of sitting quietly for an entire class period.
  • Only water is allowed to drink in the studios. No other beverages or snacks are acceptable.

ASB Parents

  • ASB uses email as its primary means of communicating important and relevant information to parents. We request that you check your email regularly and notify us promptly of any address changes. 
  • Parents of dancers under the age of 12 need to come upstairs to pick up their dancer(s). 
  • Young siblings and friends of dancers waiting with parents must be tended to and kept quiet. Running and loud, disruptive behavior are strictly prohibited at ASB and within the Liberty Theatre. 

Performance Opportunities

  • ASB students are strongly encouraged to participate in the Annual Spring Production each year on the Liberty Theatre stage. Any costume and/or performance fees are in addition to regular annual tuition. 
  • ASB is often invited to participate in various performances throughout the year, both in collaboration with the Liberty Theatre, and with other organizations, festivals, and charities. Selected students must be committed to attending all rehearsals. Additional fees may apply.  

Class Cancellations

  • If a class cancellation is necessary due to severe weather or illness, you will be notified of the cancellation by email and phone/text. Call 503-325-3600 and/or check ASB social media if you have questions. 
  • Classes cancelled due to severe weather or power outages are not rescheduled or refunded. 

Emergency Procedures

  • In the event of a fire in the Liberty Theatre building, ASB staff will escort students and guests to the parking lot on Duane Street (the future location of Heritage Square) across the street from the Hotel Elliot.
  • In the event of an emergency evacuation due to an earthquake and/or tsunami warnings, students and guests will be escorted to the old Star of the Sea School playground, located on the northeast corner of 14th and Grand. Staff will remain with students there until everyone is picked up safely.