Music & Movement (Ages 3-5)

Fun and engaging classes with the introduction to the joy of rhythm and moving to music. The program includes a broad range of basic dance and related movements which utilize a child’s natural desire to move to music. A basic ballet vocabulary is established and children develop coordination, music appreciation, and classroom etiquette.   

Premier Steps (Ages 5 & 6) 

Premier Steps is an important bridge between our Music & Movement program and our Introductory Ballet classes.  Dancers begin more work at the barre as they focus more on practicing proper alignment and placement techniques.  Ballet fundamentals are introduced at this level and musicality is improved.   

Introductory Ballet (Ages 6-10)

Introductory Ballet classes are 45-60 minutes long, with increased time spent at the barre. More French terms are introduced as the corresponding movements are learned. A variety of classical music is used as we work to promote poise, expression, concentration, and coordination between mind and body. Introductory Ballet is a 2 - 4 year program as some dancers develop in strength and ability sooner than others. New students age 8 years and up need to attend a placement class to determine the level most appropriate for them at ASB. Students in Introductory Ballet II take class twice per week.

Classical Ballet (Ages 8+)

Ballet I

The first level in our classical ballet program and a very important class, as many basic steps and ballet theory must be mastered before dancers can be allowed to move up.  Proper posture, alignment, and musicality are explored more in depth as exercises increase in length, complexity, and difficulty. New ASB students age 8 and up need to attend a placement class to determine the level most appropriate for them. Ballet I classes are 75 minutes in length. Students in this level are required to attend at least two classes per week.

Ballet II, III, and IV

Ballet II, III, and IV progress in skill level and difficulty. Performance quality is emphasized and dancers begin to come into their own. Placement is based on ability. Pointe is included in Ballet III and IV as part of each class period. Dancers in Ballet II and up are expected to attend at least  three classes per week. Class periods are 1.5 hours.


Pointe classes are by invitation only. Those whose bodies are physically developed enough and are technically capable will be asked to join solely at the director's discretion.